Best Tennis Backpacks for Women


Tennis backpacks aren’t just about carrying a racquet. They are much more than that. Tennis backpacks are also poles apart from regular backpacks. A tennis player requires more than a racquet to be match ready. They even carry all the same things to their practice sessions. Everything from sweatbands, water bottles, juices, medicines, phones, iPods, grips, tops and skirts, towels, caps, and extra pair of shoes and so on, all these things need to fit inside a tennis backpack. Moreover, it is easy to carry.

The game of tennis is becoming increasingly demanding and for that a player should have the perfect gear available all the time with her. A tennis backpack can make a difference in a player’s win or loss. What if a player needs a new pair of shoes, which she could not carry because of insufficient space? Even a second’s waver of concentration can wreak a havoc on a player’s performance. If the player knows that she has a fresh pair of shoes in her backpack which is placed courtside, mentally she will be in match mode rather than in worry mode.


As for regular backpacks, tennis backpacks come in different sizes as well. A tennis backpack to suffice 2 racquets and other gear should be at least of the dimensions: 31″ H x 14″ W x 3″ D. These dimensions will ensure, anno pushing in’ of stuff and make it comfortable to carry.

If you are an occasional tennis player then 3-Pack is a perfect fit for you. For more advanced level, 6-Pack is a better choice. Tournament players generally love to carry 8-10-Pack which gives them extra space for racquets and other important gear to be tournament ready. It goes up to 15-Pack which can hold up to 7-8 tennis racquets.

One may opt for different or larger sizes depending upon their needs.

Things to look for when purchasing a tennis backpack for women Material

Nylon! Yes it is the most robust material available and is water resistant as well. Courtsides are generally rugged and water is lingering, especially on grass and clay courts. To keep your tennis gear safe, a backpack should be able to resist all these things. So, nylon is the perfect material to go for.

Grab-Strap and Shoulder Straps

A grab-strap should be robust enough to sustain the weight of the gear and jerks when lifted. Next, the shoulder straps should be padded for adcomfy-feel’. They should be sturdy as well to withstand the weight of all the racquets, books, shoes, grips, towels etc. If a breast strap is present then that is an added feather to the cap, rather, for the bag inside which the cap is kept. It keeps the backpack from slipping.


Pockets and plenty of them. A tennis player is a human like us and a female tennis player is a female after all. Females like to carry a lot things, like their beauty kit, books, precious or lucky gifts from loved ones, sunglasses, contact lenses, water bottles, medicines, sunscreen lotions, even umbrellas. It all depends on mood and occasion. So, a tennis backpack with as many pockets, is always a plus.

ThermoGuard Insulation

This feature is generally found in best tennis backpacks which prevents racquets from extreme temperatures. Extreme temperatures may alter the tension of strings at which they are strung. If you are a frequent player or occasionally play at some tournaments, then you can opt for ThermoGuard Insulation. Adding this can make your pocket lighter but go for it if you need it.

Dedicated Shoe Compartment

This is also available in bigger bags, but some bags may drop this to increase main area to fit racquets. It is better to have a dedicated shoe compartment in a tennis backpack, if you are a regular player. It will help in holding the shoes properly and not bothering other gear.


Easy to carry

Can fit all the gear apart from racquet Lightweight

ThermoGuard Insulation

Nylon is robust and water resistant

Dedicated pouches and compartments for shoes, umbrellas, bottles, medicine etc.


A little expensive

Needs research to find the best match

Should know what you need, otherwise you may end up paying more


A nylon backpack with ample of pockets and dedicated compartments for shoes and other stuff is the one any player should buy. It will need some research and quality comes at a price. So just be little patient and get the one that suits you.

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