Rifle Scope Buying Mistakes You Should Avoid

rifle scope

Choosing and buying the right scope for your rifle can be quite daunting if you don’t know what to look for, to facilitate selection link here. Here are common mistakes committed by shooters when buying scopes.

Too complex scope

A deer hunter usually shoots within 150 yards and no farther. This shooting activity wouldn’t require mil dot reticles, target turrets, parallax or focus adjustment, bullet drop compensator, or a 65mm lens. Buy only what is intended by your purpose.

Too simple scope

On the other hand, someone trying to shoot a target from 1000 yards will have a rather difficult time with rifle equipped with a simple scope that has a duplex reticle and screw capped turrets. Even with the right magnification, the scope is still not the right one for the task at hand.

Improper reticle

Hunting within 500 yards or less will require a simple duplex reticle or the classic crosshairs. Range finding requires a more complex mil dot or Horus reticle. The wrong reticle on the wrong situation can render the scope useless.

Improper turrets

Turrets make shooting more accurate through proper adjustments. But not all turrets are equal and should be matched with the shooting requirement. Range finding requires that turrets be easily accessible and adjustable. This is not a requirement for hunters because large turrets can be a distraction and can be easily misadjusted making shots less accurate.

Too large lens

The size of the objective lens commands the amount of light that comes in so the larger it is, the clearer the target will be. Large lenses also help reduce mirage and aberrations, and results to a larger field-of-view compared to smaller sized ones. But large lenses also tend to be heavier and more bulky resulting to unnecessary adjustments in the rifle and also your shooting style. Make sure the scope can be accommodated by your rifle without modification as much as possible.

Cheap lenses

You might be wooed by the cheap price of a scope thinking it is of great value. Keep in mind that quality comes with a price and a good bulk of a scope’s tag is meant for the lenses. Cheap scopes usually come with cheap lenses that are prone to warped and hazy images that become even worse with higher magnifications. A scope with high quality lens with low magnification beats one with an inferior lens but with higher magnification all the time.

Not considering mounts and accessories

Buyers who want to save on cost buy scopes first and the rings and scope bases after, opting for generic ones that are cheaper. This often results to rings with incorrect diameter that do not properly mount to the rifle. Scopes and rings should be bought together at the same time to ensure proper fit. Accessories that are usually not considered but should be are lens caps or shades. These protect the lens from damage and provide protection from glare.


Scopes are a requirement for rifles so buy the right one for the intended purpose. Sometimes, choosing the right scope is more important compared to choosing the right rifle.

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