What Nobody Tells You about the Best Place to Buy a Mattress

best place to buy a mattress

Finding the best place to buy a mattress can be daunting more so if you have never purchased one or you have taken a long time since you visited a certain mattress store. Perhaps you now need a bigger size or maybe you need to improve your lifestyle. Whichever the case, we are here to give you what nobody tells you about the best place to buy a mattress to enhance your lifestyle and fit your budget. Let's go!

There are many mattress stores out there. You need to know the shop to purchase your mattress before making any step – especially going unplanned to any mattress store can be very intimidating.

How to Choose the Best Mattress Shop

Do not get tempted to buy from your nearest mattress store if you're unsure. Feel free to pick a shop that will give what you want – we're a community, and everybody wants what makes him/her feel good. More so, sleeping is an important part of life. We have different schedules of sleep. Some sleep 8 hours a day. Others have children who need to sleep 10-12 hours a day. If you sleep for eight hours a day, and your mattress lasts for nine years, then you'll spend three years sleeping on it. I will provide various places where to shop a mattress and give their pros and cons. Then it will be your part to weigh the best place to buy a mattress to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Online Stores:

There are several websites where you can buy your mattress. There are even those that can give a used mattress for free.


–   You do not need to visit the stores physically – all you need is to make an order and get free delivery to your doorstep.

–   Most of the online stores give incredibly low prices. In fact, sites such as the 1800mattress.com and overstock.com offer the best prices around the US. Specifically, companies such as Tuff and Needle and Leesa give high-quality pieces at low prices.


–   You don't have an opportunity to test your mattress. You can buy a mattress that makes you wake up with a backache which is a significant risk to your health and money. Is there a way to buy a good mattress without trying it?

In fact, you can buy a Tuff, and if you don't feel comfortable with it, you can return it for better compensation. Mattress Specialty Stores:

These people have specialized on sleep and comfort.


–   Free advice on sleep and comfort with a wide selection of mattresses and related items.

–   Low prices, however, comparably higher than online stores. Good negotiators can get it cheaper than online stores.


–   They are retail stores; hence, their prices are higher than furniture stores.


Furniture Stores, Department Stores, Big Box Retailers are also other mattress shops.


–   Physical engagement with the salesperson who will provide free advice and readily answer your questions.

–   The big box retailers offer relatively lower prices than online stores.

–   The furniture stores can provide a whole bedroom set at once which translates to a low mattress price.


–   The salespeople are usually untrained on sleep and comfort hence they might provide wrong information during a purchase.

My Recommendation

I recommend online stores and specialty mattress stores. They are the best places to buy a mattress. An online store is the best place to buy a mattress especially for guys who are experienced. A specialty mattress store is the best place to buy a mattress if you are a first-time purchaser.

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